Open April 1st 2019

Disappearing Fountains

Disappearing Fountain Kit

Firestone PondGard Liner (45mill EPDM) - 2 x 2' or 4 x 4' Liner Basin
A Fountain,Hundreds of styles to choose from!
Pondmaster 950 MagDrive - Submersible Pump (950GPH)
EasyPro Flexible PVC Tubing 1 1/2" - 4'

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Installation instructions available for the Do-it-Yourself customer, or let us deliver and install your fountain!
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The Latest Craze...

Having captivated the west coast, Dietter's Water Gardens is pleased to introduce the Disappearing Fountain to the east coast!

Hundreds of colors, styles and sizes to choose from, now featuring the latest 2013 models!

How it works:

A small pump is in a reservoir, typically 2'x2', the water is pumped out of the fountain spilling down, disappearing back beneath the ground.

Hundreds of colors, styles and sizes to choose from, featuring the latest models!

The Disappearing Fountain is a unique way to add the tranquil sound of water to virtually any area of a yard!

Key Features

  • Easy to install, can be added to virtually any spot in a yard.
  • Hundreds of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from!
  • Extremely low maintenance.

Withstands even the harshest New England winter´┐Żs!

Do-it-yourself kits available or let us professionally install your fountain within a day!

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