Open April 1st 2019

The Oasis - Suited for the water garden enthusiasts.

The Oasis Water Garden Kit:

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Firestone PondGard Liner (45mill EPDM) - 11 x 16'
Underlayment - 11 x 16'
Savio SkimmerFilter - Skimmer Unit
EasyPro BioFalls - Waterfall Tank
EasyPro TH150 3100 GPH - Submersible Pump
EasyPro Flexible PVC Tubing 2" - 12'
The Oasis Water Garden Kit is our attempt to represent a large water garden, while keeping the maintenance to a minimum.
Fish & Critters
This water garden can hold just over a dozen koi, goldfish, catfish or an assortment (These fish are non aggressive). As well as couple with frogs, a handful of snails and up to two aquatic turtles.

Aquatic Plants
We recommend a half dozen shelf plants, a couple water lilies or lotus and a handful of free floating plants such as oxygenators and hyacinth.

Once the right balance of fish and plants is achieved, the water will remain crystal clear year round. Emptying the leaf basket of debris once a month or so is practically the only maintenance required.
We also recommend completely cleaning out a pond of this size every 3-5 years. Which ensures safe oxygen levels for fish and critters throughout the winter.

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