Open April 1st 2019

The Retreat - Ideal for the first time hobbyist, or upgrading from a preform..

The Retreat Water Garden Kit:

Products From The Industry Leaders
Firestone PondGard Liner (45mill EPDM) - 7 x 10'
Underlayment - 7 x 10'
Savio Compact SkimmerFilter - Compact Skimmer Unit
Savio 16" Waterfall Weir - Water Fall Unit
Pondmaster MagDrive 2400 - Submersible Pump (2400GPH)
EasyPro Flexible PVC Tubing 1 1/2" - 10'
DAP - 1 Tube of Silicone
The perfect kit for anyone looking to get into the water gardening hobby.

Fish & Critters
This water garden can hold a half dozen fish of koi, goldfish, catfish or an assortment. As well as a couple frogs, a handful of snails and a turtle.

Aquatic Plants
We recommend 3 shelf plants, a water lily/lotus and a couple free floating plants such as oxygenators and hyacinth.

Once the right balance of fish and plants is achieved, the water will remain crystal clear year round. Emptying the leaf basket of debris once a month or so is the only maintenance required.

Dietter's Water Gardens

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