Open April 1st 2019

Dietter's Water Gardens - Celebrating 27 Years of Business!

Your Premier Water Garden Headquarters - Offering the largest selection of aquatic plants & koi in New England!

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Dietter's Water Gardens
Open Daily 8am - 5pm
151 Mill Road, North Haven, CT

Our Fish House

We have an entire greenhouse offering the largest selection of koi in New England, ornamental goldfish, fresh water critters, and catfish! Learn More...

Our Fish Food

We package our own fish food; our high protein formula is the same food the large fish farms use, for enhanced growth & color! Learn More...

Our Aquatic Plants

We have four greenhouses dedicated to our aquatic plants, one dedicated entirely to water lilies, two featuring exotic tropical plants, and a production house where we actually cultivate our own plants! Learn More...

Water Gardens

We're nationally recognized for our water garden installations, from backyard fish ponds, to rooftop water gardens, we do it all! Learn More...

Service & Maintenance

We maintain a multitude of water features throughout the state, if you need help getting your water clear, a burnt out pump, or a leak let us know we can help! Learn More...

Water Garden Supplies

We're a distributor for the industry leaders - Firestone, EasyPro, Savio Pondmaster, PondMax, & Tenton.
Thinking of building your own water garden, need a replacement part, or just wanting to upgrade we have the knowledge and experience to get you started the right way. Learn More...

Water Features We Specialize In

Koi, Goldfish & More!

Dietter's Water Gardens

Open M-F 10am - 5pm
Sat & Sun 10am - 4pm
151 Mill Road, North Haven, CT