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Aquatic Plants

Pink Lotus
Connecticut Grown

The largest variety of aquatic plants in New England!

Native Water Plants

Black Sedge

A great plant for beginners, with a 99% flower rate. Easily survives the winter.

Blue Flag Iris

Native to North America where it is common along stream banks and shores.


Known for its explosion of flowers, which creep down each stalk of the plant!

Chameleon Plant

Variegated foliage with shades of red, pink, yellow and cream.

Creeping Jenny

Plant at the edge and watch it creep towards the water.

Four Leaf Clover

Every leaf on this clover is lucky! It prefers being submerged, up to 2 feet!


The classic water plant produces unique brown catkin flowers.

Water Canna

Winter Hardy! Purple flowers w/showy, large, banana-like leaves.

Lizard's Tail

The flower stalk resembles a lizard's tail among broad green leaves.


A fully submersible plant with shiny leathery leaves mat on the surface.

Pickerel Rush

A beautiful composition of broad green leaves and purple flowers.

Society Garlic

A smaller plant can actually be used as a garlic replacement in recipes!

Water Celery

Unlike society garlic this plant is not edible! Or at least tasty!

Water Hibiscus

Producing the LARGEST flowers in the pond world!

Tropical Water Plants


A great marginal plant available in multiple colors and styles.


Also known as elephant ears as each leaf spans over 3' in length!


Native to Africa, found commonly along the Nile river.

Umbrella Palm

An excellent accent plant for ponds or patios.

Water Mosaic

A jaw dropping annual, exploding with color all season!

Sensitive Fern

Float it, sink it, or pot it! A very versatile plant.

Water Poppy

Dark green, heart-shaped leaves and scattering of yellow flowers.

Our Picks for a New Pond

#1 Water Hyacinth

Kills algae by outcompeting it & shading the surface killing the algae's sunlight.

#3 Marginal Plants

A couple stalky plants around the edge will complete the pond's ecosystem.

More than 50 verities of plants to choose from!

Greenhouses Full of Aquatic Plants

Do it right the first time.

It's the Dietter way.

Do it right the first time.

It's the Dietter way.

Do it right the first time.