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In-Depth Breakdown of Our Spring Service

Remove winterizing equipment.

Inspect water feature for any obvious leaks.

Clean and powerwash the entire pond.

  • Including skimmers, filter’s and media.

Pump out waste water to designated areas, lawn or drain.

Replace any old filter media.

  • 3-5 years is the typical lifespan of our filter pads.

Inspect lighting systems and ensure good operation.

  • Replace any broken light bulb, lighting fixture and or transformers.
  • If we run out we will make a second visit asap to correct the issue.

Reinstall pump

Dress up exposed liner with gravel or rock on site.

Add water to check the pump and replace if necessary.

Treat water with;


  • Removes chlorine and heavy metals that may be in city water and harmful to fish.

Water flocculant

  • Clearifies water further by settling debris to the bottom.

Beneficial Bacteria

  • Helps create a balanced ecosystem in your pond so the water stays clear all season.

Green Clean

  • A powdery oxidizer we coat rocks and waterfalls before power washing. Helps to burn and remove algae coating from surfaces while being fish safe.


If you have fish and critters we conserve water in a kiddy pool and place your pets in here while we perform the deep cleaning of the pond. Once we are done we add some of the old pond water back with new water ensuring that any pet will have a healthy transition back to their home.


Due to the amount of time it takes we do not fill water features during routine service. We will test the pumps and make sure fish are safe but you will have to finish filling the feature.

If you have fish it can be quite shocking to come home and find your pets in inches of water. We assure you they are 100% healthy and just need you to finish filling the pond for them.

For slow wells you can even fill the feature over a few days, the fish will be fine

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Do it right the first time.

It's the Dietter way.

Do it right the first time.

It's the Dietter way.

Do it right the first time.

It's the Dietter way.

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